3 Tips on how to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

30th March, 2012
3 Tips on how to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

While it may be tempting to communicate with your clients and prospects exclusively through social media in lieu of email, you should resist the temptation.  It is undeniable that social media enable you to send instant updates to your clients and prospects.  But it’s also irrefutable that there is no guarantee your audience members will read each and every one of your tweets or Facebook updates.

Twitter has such a high volume of messages sent through its network every day that it’s unrealistic to think that your followers will read everything you send on that platform. Facebook, on the other hand, edits a person’s newsfeed to display only the things that individual regularly expresses an interest in, meaning your updates will not be noticed by someone who hasn’t consistently demonstrated an interest in your company.

So, rather than using social media as your exclusive means of communicating with your clients and prospects, consider using these platforms to grow your email list and send meaningful messages they will be likely to read directly to their respective inboxes.

If you are unsure about how you can increase the size of your email list using social media, reviewing the following list of suggestions will help you identify the steps you should take.  If your company doesn’t have accounts with the various social media that enable you to communicate with your audience instantly, contact Visual Artistics – the marketing experts there can help set up accounts for your company and help you use them to attract clients and collect email addresses.

Generate Interest with Rewards

Use your website and physical store to promote your company’s social media presence.  Reward people who sign up as a fan or follower of your business on a given social media network with special offers like discounts on products.

Make Subscribers Out of Your Followers

You can make subscribers out of the people who follow your company on social media by creating a form on your Facebook page that they can easily fill out and provide you with their email addresses.  You can encourage people who prefer other types of social media over Facebook to complete the form by sending them links and enticements to fill it out via other platforms.

Organize and Host a Promotion

If you organize and run a promotion like a lottery, sweepstakes, or raffle that offers a prize people consider valuable, most of them will gladly share their email addresses to be entered in an upcoming drawing for the prize.  You can offer tickets to an upcoming event, cash, or one of your company’s popular products or services as the prize that someone will win simply for sharing their email address.

Establish and Maintain Meaningful Relationships

If you follow the suggestions made above, social media will present you with the recurring opportunity to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with your prospects and clients.  By using these platforms to gather information about your audience members, including their email addresses, you will be able to send them email messages that are tailored to address their specific wants, needs, and desires while keeping them updated about your business with tweets and messages everyone can see at the same time.


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