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26th February, 2012
Server room

Located in Singapore, Visual Artistics is a company that offers an array of effective marketing services to its current and prospective clients.  The services Visual Artistics provides include creating media graphics, conceptualizing and conducting online marketing campaigns, communicating a client’s brand identity through various means, and designing and developing websites.  In fact, when developing a client’s website, Visual Artistics will even help the client identify and secure a domain name that conveys the client’s purpose to potential clients.

Visual Artistics also offers another invaluable service:  website hosting.

With main data centers in the United States, including San Jose, and Singapore, Visual Artistics maintains a network that enables the company to provide up-to-date hosting services to its many established clients.  Because Visual Artistics uses only the most current technology available, the hosting services the company provides are incredibly fast, secure and reliable.

Having signed on with Visual Artistics after working with a company that claimed to offer similar hosting services, Rave Tan, IT Director for LP, could not be more pleased with Visual Artistics’ hosting services.  During a six-month period working with one of Visual Artistics’ competitors, LP’s website was hacked twice.  Since entering into a contract with Visual Artistics, Tan states, “In the last year since we switched…we’ve had zero downtime.”

Visual Artistics acknowledges that it would not exist without its clients on the company’s website which reads, “Without you [our clients], there would be no Visual Artistics.  Our hard work, exemplary dedication, continued learning and future evolution is not for our own benefit, but for yours.”  And, in the context of its hosting services, Visual Artistics demonstrates its dedication to its current clients by limiting who can use the company’s hosting services.

In order to continue to provide the fastest hosting services possible to the company’s clients and prevent its network from becoming too populated, Visual Artistics only offers hosting services to established clients.  Put simply, a client must use at least one of Visual Artistics’ other services before Visual Artistics will agree to host the client’s website(s).

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