Follow these tips to Design a Website that will add to your Credibility and Sales

26th March, 2012
Follow these tips to Design a Website that will add to your Credibility and Sales

In order for your company’s internet presence to be effective at increasing your business’ credibility and sales, your website must be custom built with your target audience in mind.  If you are familiar with the process of designing a website, you may want to keep the following tips in mind when you design your company’s website.

If you don’t know how to design your company’s website to address the needs and wants of your target audience, you may want to contact Visual Artistics, a marketing company that has designed hundreds of websites that speak directly to their respective audience members.

Have a Plan for Your Website

Taking time to develop a plan of action is an important step toward successfully creating a website that your audience will find useful, beneficial, and enjoyable.  If you make and follow a plan that answers the following questions, your customers and prospective clients will visit your company’s website over and over again:

- What is the point of your website?  Why does it exist?

- What audience do you want your site to attract?

- What benefits does your website provide to its visitors?

- Why should a customer frequent your business instead of another one?  How is your business different from its competitors?

- How will prospects navigate to your site?

- How are you going to tell people about your company’s products and services?

- How will you convince your website’s visitors to become paying clients?

- How will people move around your website to review your site’s content?

- Create Meaningful Content for Your Website

The importance of creating meaningful content for your website cannot be overstated.  People search for information on the internet, after all, so it is critical for you to have content on your site that people can use as a resource to satisfy a current or future want or need.  You must also include material that inspires people to purchase your company’s goods or services to fulfill their desires.

Design Your Website with Expertise

The way your website looks and operates demonstrate your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.  So, your site needs to be put together expertly.  If you don’t have the skills of an experienced marketing professional, graphic designer, and seasoned programmer, you will need to hire experts like the ones at Visual Artistics to help you.  You need expertise in all three areas to design a website that portrays your business as credible.  You want a website that looks and works as well as your products do, after all.

Program Your Website with Expertise

You must program your website so that it can expand and change in step with your business, meaning your site must be able to adjust to improve search engine results and adhere to the requirements of W3C, Google webmaster parameters, and industry standards.  If you lack the expertise to program your website appropriately, you will need to hire people who excel at programming to help you.

Provide Support for Your Website

Once you’ve designed your website, it will be online for the world to see.  So, you must continue to pay attention to and support your website during the whole time it remains on the internet.  In other words, you must:

1. Review the results your website generates and identify the features on your site that are adding and/or subtracting from the success of your business,

2. Perform maintenance on your website by adding new features, making it easier to use, and using real world metrics to improve its results,

3. Incorporate and update the SEO keywords and phrases you include in your site’s content so people can find your website when they search for the goods or services your business provides,

4. Drive traffic to your website by continuing to promote your business through activities such as email campaigns, blogging, and social marketing,

5. Service your website, fix any technical issues it has, and keep your site current with new online developments.


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