Logos: Your Brand’s Most Important Investment

23rd January, 2012
Logos: Your Brand’s Most Important Investment

Every startup needs ways to save money. As a result, it’s tempting to cut corners on nearly everything at first, and many businesses will accept the lowest bidders on just about everything. However, this is a surefire way to make sure that your startup won’t last beyond the first few weeks—and if by some miracle it does, you’ll have to spend thousands solving the problems you created at the beginning. This article explores the reasons why you should put quality over savings when it comes to logo design.

A logo is the central pillar of your brand. In Singapore, people have almost universally proven to be better at remembering which logo belongs to which company than they are at remembering their own rights as citizens! However, a cheap logo designed by a single person or rushed out by a harried graphic design team in a couple hours will be useless, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • It’s poorly designed and looks unprofessional;
  • It fails to capture the imagination of your target market because the designers lacked the expertise or time for effective market research;
  • It doesn’t communicate an appropriate brand image, causing people to believe your company is something that it isn’t;
  • It is too similar to other businesses in your field, making your business look like just another face in the crowd.

If any of these things happen (Which will have a high chance of occuring if you do settle for a $100 logo), you’ll have to spend the same amount of money on a quality logo that you should have spent in the first place—and worse, you’ll lose any brand recognition you’ve managed to build up. That means, starting all over again.

By spending the money to hire a professional graphic design company with the expertise to research and design a unique, attractive, and long-lasting logo, such as Visual Artistics, you’ll be able to avoid all these problems. Instead, you’ll be one great leap closer to success.

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