Top 3 common mistakes on Keyword Research for SEO Onsite Optimization

2nd April, 2012
Top 3 common mistakes on Keyword Research for SEO Onsite Optimization

All of the effort you put into SEO and SEM could be wasted if you are not researching and using keywords appropriately.  If you know all about keywords, take a moment or two to look over the following list that discusses the common mistakes people make when using them to ensure you are not inadvertently repeating the same errors.

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Identifying Keywords Based on Your Point of View

One of the biggest mistakes people make is identifying keywords based on their own perspective instead of the viewpoints of their clients and prospects.  You must look beyond your company’s own market research and learn the keywords that attract people to your website.  And you have an opportunity to do just that by conducting an online poll of some keywords on your website to see which specific words are meaningful to your site’s visitors.

Underestimating the Competition

A second common mistake a lot of businesses make is underestimating their competition for keywords.  Just because a word is used frequently to find goods and services similar to those offered by your business, it doesn’t mean you should use that particular word as a keyword, in other words.  Your competitors have probably identified the same keyword, after all, so using it throughout your content will not improve your website’s rankings.

Instead of selecting the same keywords as your competitors, identify and use alternatives that will increase the number of people who visit your website.

Using One Keyword Instead of a Phrase

Another common mistake many people make is using a single keyword in their content instead of a phrase or long-tail keyword that includes at least three words.  To get the meaningful results they want when conducting Internet searches, web users are increasingly using phrases to find the information they want online.  So, you must adjust the material on your company’s website and blog to reflect the change most Internet users have made to their search methods, meaning your content must include keyword phrases in addition to one-word keywords.

If you have a mistake that you would like to add to this list, please add it in the comment box below

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